Dolphin Wulfkit experiences anyone?

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Yep, I have 20 dual processor (PIII 550's) connected with Wulfkits in a 5x4

In terms of installation and maintenance, it's a breeze.  Once all of the
cards are installed they provide a script that installs all of the software
on all the nodes, and configures all of the cards, installs the licensing
and tests the whole system to see that it works. Believe it or not, this
whole procedure only takes about 15 minutes on my 20 node cluster.

Scali have been very good in the support department also.  They have logged
into my system from Norway in an effort to isolate a problem that I was

The problem was that a couple of nodes were crashing when both processors
were loaded to 100%.  It turns out that it was not a Scali/Wulfkit problem
at all, but a problem with the system.  After removing and reinstalling the
processors and memory chips in the problem nodes, the crashing stopped
(touch wood).

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Just curious if anyone has any hands-on experience with Dolphin's
"Wulfkit" networking product and software? Like, how easy is it to
install/maintain/get up-and-running?

I'm not interested in horror storys about their older products, just
interested in the newer "Wulfkit" stuff.

Thanks in advance for any replies!

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