Cluster Monitoring software?

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SCMS is another Cluster Monitoring package and included external add-on
package to surf through cluster via web browser in 2D or 3D vision.

SCMS is an extensible management tool for beowulf cluster developed to
simplify the magement task for large beowulf cluster. SCMS provides a rich
set of tools and support system that help system administrator monitor,
submit command, query system status, maintain system configuration and more.
SCMS GUI tool helps administrator of beowulf cluster to manage the cluster
much easier. SCMS is released under Opensource license (BSD based).

For more information:

Sugree Phatanapherom
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> So why is SGI releasing the API but not the good stuff, i.e. the GUI? It
> appears to be very nice product, but for users I don't see the point of
> developing their own GUIs for it as only the first layer of the total
> solution is open sourced. Does that mean that SGI might change the whole
> concept with the next release if better free GUIs are available?
> Alex
> >
> >The things that PCP brings to the table for monitoring cluster
> >are:
> >
> >    - centralized monitoring and management of distributed processing
> >      (PCP uses very efficient TCP/IP protocols to move the data about)
> >
> >    - a unified API to access _all_ performance data (from the h/w,
> >      the o/s, the service layers and the applications) ... this
> >      includes all of the metrics Joseph was asking about, and lots
> >      more ... the same API works for different operating systems,
> >      so monitoring tools are insulated from the details of dredging
> >      interesting numbers from dark corners of each o/s
> >
> >    - the available performance data can be easily extended via a
> >      a plugin architecture
> >
> >    - real-time and historical data sources are unified under the
> >      same API
> >
> >    - an inference engine for detecting common performance scenrios
> >      and raising arbitrary alarms (can be used with both real-time and
> >      historical data sources)
> >
> >There is an open source stripchart monitoring tool developed by Michal
> >Kara (details from the News page off the projects page).
> >
> >Other SGI-developed monitoring tools (including 3-D visualization of
> >performance) are not open sourced, but are are sold as part of the SGI
> >Linux solutions (ACE is one example)
> >
> >We are always keen to communicate with people who'd be interested in
> >adapting or expanding PCP into new performance monitoring scenarios.
> >
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