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John A. Maxwell jmax at
Mon Oct 16 12:04:52 PDT 2000

The Shadow Man <dc_leitner at> wrote:
>   I recently had the opportunity to purchase 2 AMD
>   Thunderbird 850 processors from a friend at a
>   remarkable price.  I decided to use them to upgrade my
>   server and would like to find a dual processor
>   motherboard.  I am familiar with a few of the
>   manufacturers but have struck out at their sites.  I
>   think what is holding me back is the fact that the
>   Thunderbirds use a 200 mhz bus.  Can anyone point me
>   to a good Motherboard for these processors?
>   Thanks!
>   Chris


To the best of my knowledge, there are no dual-processor boards
available for _any_ of the AMD processors. This seems to be more a
matter of chipsets than anything else.

If you find out that I'm wrong on this, please please please let me
know, as knowing of a dual-Thunderbird motherboard would make my year.


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