Alteon ACEnic card [GA620]

Val Henson vhenson at
Thu Oct 12 11:14:42 PDT 2000

On Thu, Oct 12, 2000 at 10:40:41AM -0700, Michael Stein wrote:
> > My measured bandwidth on two-cpu machines running Linux 2.2.16, with
> > default tuning and 9000 byte MTU, tops out at 615 Mbps.  I'm sure this
> > could be increased with a little bit of work.
> I just yesterday received two Netgear GA620 cards.  First "netperf
> -H" showed about 120 Mbps, changing the buffer sizes got in the 400+
> Mbps range.  This was only a first functional test with "stock" drivers

I apologize, I just reran my benchmark in the opposite direction and
got much different numbers...

Peak now is 780 Mbps.  Details:

Dual 850 Mhz PentiumIII pushing one-way data to dual Alpha dp264
/proc/sys/net/core/*mem* = 1048576
9000 byte MTU
Alteon AceNIC with 1 meg RAM
Linux 2.2.16 (no driver tuning)
NetPIPE 2.4 for benchmark application

These cards really do require at least two CPU's for decent
bandwidth.  I'm amazed you got 400 Mbps out of single processors!


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