beo cd iso

Putchong Uthayopas pu at
Mon Oct 2 18:35:04 PDT 2000

On Mon, 2 Oct 2000, ElcomSoft GR wrote:

Yes, this is the problem of our country's networkbandwidth. Can anybody
there in US kindly help provide the space. I can write CD and 
Fedex to you if you can help spare the disk space on you fast ftp site.

> Hello pu,
>   tried to download it but your max download speed is 1.02 kb/sec that
>   means 97 hours +
>   have you got a better idea or can you put it in a big ftp somewhere?
> Best regards,
> Ioannis F Sotiriadis
> ElcomSoft                          mailto: administrator at
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