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Mon Nov 6 17:09:01 PST 2000

OK, thanks for the advice, I did this and was able to successfully ifconfig
bond0 up, but if I try to give it the correct ip or enslave the eth0 to make
it proper, the system goes down either hard (seg fault, memory dump to
screen, lockup/reboot) or soft (lost communication, auto reboot after
timeout) depending on how I go about it.  So my question has become this: Is
it possible to either a) do this as part of the boot process before the node
joins the cluster so that it joins initially with the bond0 interface and
never has to switch or b) switch safely and enslave the two interfaces while
transferring the cluster client over to the bond0 interface and fixing the
routes etc.?  If neither of these is possible, do you have another way that
you would reccoment going about bonding with Scyld Beowulf 2?  Is it
possible a missing feature area that could be helped with some coding from
the community, or a planned feature for later on?  Or perhaps, has channel
bonding become antiquated and not worth supporting anymore?  I think these
are important questions to look at as Beowulf moves forward into its 2nd
generation.  If bonding is not possible with Scyld I may have to revert to a
design based on normal Linux installation + packages on all systems, a thing
I really would like to avoid considering the benefits I see associated with
the single master and many [somewhat dumb, processing] slaves concept.

Kyle Goodwin
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> Kyle,
> > Hi, I'm looking to use ethernet channel bonding on my Beowulf2 cluster,
> > but I cannot find the conf.modules and other related config
> files or their
> > equivilents for the slave boot image.  Is there a script that
> is included
> > with the boot image and run at boot time?
> > "alias bond0 bonding" line and "ifenslave bond0 eth0,"
> > "if enslave bond0 eth1" lines to the config.  I have already added the
> > bonding.o file to the proper modules directory in the image (I
> think) and
> > I also added it to the script as one of the modules to be in
> with the NIC
> > modules in the stage two image.  Hopefully all I need to do is
> find these
> > config files...thanks.
> I have a couple of suggestions.
> First, I wouldn't mess with the boot images or the script that
> creates them unless you have a good reason. The channel bonding that you
> want to do can be done after the node is up and well.
> This will help you keep the system stable. Tweaking a channel bonding
> setup gone mad during boot would probably be pretty difficult!
> After the node is up, I would probably do something like:
> 	bpcp bonding.o 0:/tmp
> 	bpsh 0 /sbin/insmod /tmp/bonding.o <whacked module options here>
> 	bpsh 0 rm /tmp/bonding.o
> You should then be set! Put this in a script if you wish.
> We have a modutils here that would allow you to simply do:
> 	/sbin/modprobe --node 0 bonding
> in place of the preceeding three commands and have it suck the module
> options out of /etc/conf.modules.
> Regards,
> 	Dan Ridge
> 	Scyld Computing Corporation
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