Any good gig ether copper NICs?

Bill Moshier billm at
Thu Jun 29 13:42:52 PDT 2000

The Intel ones are supposed to be the fastest.  

It would be interesting to hear what kind of performance
users of GigE are getting.  Both in terms of latency,
and streaming bandwidth.


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Hey folks,

We are going to be installing a Cisco 6509 switch full of gig-copper
blades into our cluster of Supermicro PIIIDME boards (I still like these
boards despite all the recent comments).  Anyway, Cisco is giving us this
switch so I need to find some copper NICs. The folks at Cisco have been
telling us they have used the Intel NICs. That's great, but you can't buy
those cards yet :). Has anybody on the list actually used a gig-copper NIC
that you can buy and been reasonably happy? 

I sent a query off to Alteon and never got a response. The only other
copper card that I am aware of is the Syskonnect 9821.



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