Any good gig ether copper NICs?

Tim Carlson tim at
Thu Jun 29 13:19:33 PDT 2000

Hey folks,

We are going to be installing a Cisco 6509 switch full of gig-copper
blades into our cluster of Supermicro PIIIDME boards (I still like these
boards despite all the recent comments).  Anyway, Cisco is giving us this
switch so I need to find some copper NICs. The folks at Cisco have been
telling us they have used the Intel NICs. That's great, but you can't buy
those cards yet :). Has anybody on the list actually used a gig-copper NIC
that you can buy and been reasonably happy? 

I sent a query off to Alteon and never got a response. The only other
copper card that I am aware of is the Syskonnect 9821.



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