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Per Jessen per at
Fri Jun 9 15:54:55 PDT 2000

On Fri, 9 Jun 2000 14:39:36 -0400 (EDT), Robert G. Brown wrote:

>operations.  IBM's hardware has always been excellent, but their
>software over the years has not infrequently left something to be
>desired and some of it would never have sold at all if their hardware
>customers had had a choice.


perhaps you have not (as yours truly) built a career first running
IBM software, then supporting it, then debugging it, then ending up
writing software for it. I used to say "if it's blue, I can run it".

Let me tell you, as an 'insider' on IBM (mainframe) software - I have
few complaints. Granted, IBM makes mistakes and silly and incomprehensible 
decisions. But as you have already pointed out, their hardware kicks
ass (pardon my language), and frankly so does their software. Does
anyone know of a better transaction processor than TPF ? Or CICS/MVS ? 
I dont think so. MVS or OS/390 itself is rock-solid - a customer
having to take a stand-alone dump - we are talking a rare occasion.

I think we're going slightly off-topic here, so ...

Per Jessen

PS. The above is ONLY related to software running on the S/390
platform. I really have no idea about the AS400, RS6000 etc. :-)

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