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Fri Jun 9 13:20:55 PDT 2000

Erik Mullinix wrote:
> I read this post for educated information.
> The real your looking for is that indeed IBM has the sense to adopt what is becoming comonplace before it looses it's edge.  Thier AS400 arena has realy helped out in the data storage and processing arena.. However even they admit the mini computers are a bit pricy.. and the Beowulf is a great arena to step into especialy bringing thier experiance with parallel platform design into the mix.

My point was IBM is quite healthy as is. Linux is an interesting
horse and I don't discount it doing well. I use Linux on Alphas
myself and I see no reason not to have IBM get linux working on
mainframes or whatever they like. I seriously doubt many people knew
that an IBM mainframe could run vast numbers of Linux images. They 
have some really good technology and many good qualtities that 
businesses appreciate and vote on using their pocketbooks.

As to pricing, you just have to know how to get the deal done.

Enough about IBM, now back to beowulfs please.


> Erik Mullinix
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> "Robert G. Brown" wrote:
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> > <chortle>
> > I would have written this as "IBM was once a great company in a lot of
> > ways, and adopting linux across the board will help."
> > </chortle>
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> I guess the fact businesses spend $60-70 billion on them each year makes
> them a has been and Linux will add huge amounts more revenue to their
> pitiful bottom line. Get real...
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