The PS2 Cluster Project - WULFSTATION !!!

Eugene.Leitl at Eugene.Leitl at
Sun Dec 24 08:55:25 PST 2000

Markus Lechner wrote:

> I'd justice this in a few month and not in the early beginning.

Hardware ages rather rapidly. IIRC the effort is more than a year old.
It would be nice if I'd be able to pop a CDR into it, boot Linux with
IP over IEEE 1394 and have a $500/node Beowulf right now. "Now" as in
last week.

The CPU is not exactly powerful if compared with an off-shelf
Athlon, in 6 months it will look definitely dated. It should
be very possible to build a comparable-performance $500/node 
Duron based Beowulf.
> After xmas i'll try and dig for the PS2+ stuff.
> May well be that SONYs plans changed, possible this is.
> Hope not.

Who cares, Sony has demonstrated that they're able to out-Microsoft 
Redmond. As I said, it turned out to be a not so great idea after all.
You don't have to kick a dead whale up the beach if there are
easier ways. And there are easier ways.
> This is from the mailing-list:
> BUT.....
> I do know the following:
> 1) that Dave Stone had visited Japan and received positive confirmation of

After what had happened my trust into Dave Stone is not exactly high.
I have seen zero evidence that he really did what he claimed he did. For
what I know he could be a yet another flake.

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