The PS2 Cluster Project - WULFSTATION !!!

Markus Lechner Markus.Lechner at
Sun Dec 24 07:45:30 PST 2000

It seems as if they are moving forward... somehow plans for Linux where to go 
with PS2+. PS2 was not intended to be opened to Linux by SONY as far as i 
knew, so i'm surprised that they are that far by now.

> It turned out it wasn't all that great idea after all

I'd justice this in a few month and not in the early beginning.

After xmas i'll try and dig for the PS2+ stuff.
May well be that SONYs plans changed, possible this is.
Hope not.

This is from the mailing-list:

I do know the following:
1) that Dave Stone had visited Japan and received positive confirmation of 
support from someone in Sony to get Dev. Kits and documentation -
2) that Dave Stone had been in contact by someone who knew enough to actually 
do a Linux port for the PSX2 - it was indeed working already -
3) that Dave S. had been working with someone who know enough about Linux and 
the 1394 connectivity to have that person working on drivers and kernel mods 
if necessary to provide that support - supposedly was going well -
4) From Dave Stone's 9/10 post to the old one-list email he forwarded the 
email on the Skyvase POV-Ray rendering - soneone had got that working also 
with the PCI prototype card ($450 US at the time)

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