[yellowfin] hamachi - 2.4 kernel problems

Jim.Morton@aventis.com Jim.Morton@aventis.com
Mon, 21 May 2001 14:28:53 -0500

I have an existing network using hamachi cards in  redhat 6.2 systems.

I upgraded one of the systems to redhat 7.1  and have had problems with the
hamachi hanging.
It seems to work properly for light-duty traffic - interactive web surfing
pinging etc.  over a long
period of time,  however when transfering larger files via FTP,  I get
"something wicked happened"
messages and then the transfer stops.   If   I kill the  FTP session,  then
ifconfig down and up 
the interface,  it is still hung,   pings do not work.   Things work again
after re-booting.

I re-compiled the kernel with the driver set for debug level 7,    and then
tail -f  /var/log/messages
while doing transfers,   it seems that the something wicked messages are at
the same time as
the periodic (10 second)  link autonegotiation messages.   

I have tried several variants of kernel / driver -  including   2.4.4-11ac,
but they all seem to hang.

I will keep poking at this, but do not have much experience as a driver
whacker,  but I am happy 
to try any test versions of the driver on my network, which includes
non-hamachi  DEGPA gigabit
cards running under Tru64 unix.

Best Regards
	Jim Morton