Hamachi hardware checksum support

Eric Kasten kasten@nscl.msu.edu
Thu Mar 11 10:02:39 1999

These changes have been added to the 0.14 version of the driver
available from:


This version should compile under both the 2.2.x systems and 
2.0.34+ systems.  


> I modified the hamachi.c driver to use the TCP/UDP checksum support in
> hardware.  So far it's only been tested on linux-alpha v2.2.1.  The
> bandwidth improvement isn't stellar:  331 Mb/s without, 384 Mb/s with
> hardware checksumming (receive-side only) for big TCP streams.

Eric Kasten
National Superconducting Cyclotron Lab
(517) 333-6412
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