Hamachi hardware checksum support

Ted Matsumura tedm@packetengines.com
Wed Mar 10 19:45:23 1999

  Thanks for the prompt reply, what CPU and processor speeds, motherboard

Were those the optimal parameters?  Did you try 64K or 128K nbuf and buflen
sizes?  Thanks.


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I used a slightly modified ttcp (you can guess what the params mean):

    su2cn4# ../tcp/nttcp2 -t -n 16384 -l 16384 -w 64
    ttcp-t: buflen=16384, nbuf=16384, align=16384/0, port=5001,
sockbufsize=65536  tcp  ->

No module parameters, so default IntrCtrl values (from the code):

    writel(0x00080000, ioaddr + TxIntrCtrl);
    writel(0x00000020, ioaddr + RxIntrCtrl);

    -- Pete

Ted says:
> What were you using for sender and receiver and command line parameters to
> get the 16% boost?  Thanks.
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