State of hamachi driver

Lawrence MacIntyre
Thu Mar 4 01:43:31 1999

Landon Fuller wrote:
> What is the current state of the hamachi driver as far as stability and
> performance is concerned? Also, where can I find the latest source? What
> is on the page seems to be outdated. We need to deploy this in a mission
> critical operation as soon as the driver is performing reliabily.

We've got the 0.13 version of the driver running on an 566 MHz alpha and
a 350 Mhz PII.  The TCP performance (measured with TTCP) is 207 Mb/s
alpha->PII and 263 Mb/s PII->alpha (the faster machine needs to be the
receiver).  The 0.7 driver was about 50 Mb/s faster, but would lock up
the Pentium box eventually.  We've seen no stability issues with the
0.13 driver.  We are seeing about 2 RX frame errors/second on the
interfaces on both machines.  I've not had time to trace that problem. 
The errors happen all the time (sending, receiving, or not).
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