gnicII tweak

Jason Holmes
Thu Jul 29 23:32:24 1999


Here's a little something I've found helps out with the hamachi v0.14
driver: increase the value of PKT_BUF_SZ [line 325] from 1536 to 3072. 
I was running tcp netpipes
[] and it would die
[panic] every time when the throughput reached around 170Mbs
[unfortunately, I don't have the panic message... I'm nowhere near the
actual machines right now].  Increasing the max_interrupt_work didn't
help in this case.  After the buffer increase, throughput topped out
around 230Mbs and the machines didn't die on me [I aborted when the
packetsize reached 524288 bytes].

Anyway, thought I'd pass this on...

Jason Holmes
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