GNIC II on Linux 2.2.x

Jason Holmes
Thu Jul 29 22:19:41 1999

Greetings again,

Thanks to everyone for your help.  I figured out my problems [mostly]. 
I was running 2.2.10-ac10.  Since several people said that they were
using 2.2.5 and 2.2.7 successfully, I dropped back and the problems went
away.  I then moved back up to stock 2.2.10 and the problems didn't
reappear.  I can only assume that something in ac10 doesn't like the
hamachi driver.

As for the missing 'Base address:0xXXXX' in my ifconfigs, that went away
when I moved all of my network drivers to modules [I originally had the
eepro100 compiled into the kernel.]  I thought I read somewhere a long
time ago about it being a bad thing to mix compiled-in network drivers
and modules, but I can't really say if this is true or a pipe-dream.

The last errata I'm seeing is that the Pallas MPI Benchmarks v2.1, MPI-1
PingPong will not run over the gnicIIs for some reason.  I can run such
MPI programs as the 'cpi' example included with MPICH without a problem,
but the PingPong just doesn't want to go.

Anyway, thanks again,

Jason Holmes
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