GNIC II on Linux 2.2.x
Mon Jul 26 20:03:59 1999


>>>>> "Logan" == Logan Browne <> writes:
Logan> Actually, I am working on some performance testing with this card, and
Logan> just ran into a problem similar to this. When I send large number of UDP
Logan> pings at the card, the receiver will complain about "Too Much Work at
Logan> 0x{something}", and after a bit the sender will start reporting errors
Logan> and kernel panic.

The message is "Too much work at interrupt 0{something}"?  

If so, how specify the value of max_interrupt_work?  The default value
of max_interrupt_work is 40, and it is too small to process a lot of
frames on burst transfer.

Try to increase this value as follws.

# insmod hamachi.o max_interrupt_work=10000 

Or try larger numbers.  We use max_interrupt_work=10000 or 30000 on
Alpha XP-1000 and Pentium II 400MHz boxes on linux 2.2.[579].

Shinji Sumimoto    E-Mail:
Real World Computing Partnership, Japan.
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