G-NIC II Issues.

Chris Johns ccj@acm.org
Fri Dec 17 04:19:19 1999


First, is this list archived anywhere ?

I have started playing with a couple of G-NIC II cards, with RedHat 6.1
and the 2.2.12-20 kernel supplied with RH6.1.

I am using `hamachi.c' :

 static const char *version =
 "hamachi.c:v0.11 8/21/99  Written by Donald Becker\n"
 "  	http://www.tidalwave.net/~becker/hamachi.html\n";

(the www.tidalwave.net version was older!)

I have a two test machines, both 32bit PCI. A SBC with 300Mhz Celeron
128M RAM, and a 486 50MHz 32M RAM (it is just a test system :) ). The
cards are connected to each other.

I have a repeatable problem on both machines. If I have the interface
come up during boot then send ping from the other machine I get a :

  Kernel panic: skput:over: c20212c9:65532 put:65532 dev eth1
  In swapper task - not syncing

This is with the RH6.1 kernel. The "at" address logged when the module
is loaded is 0x202400.

I have been able to get a link up how-ever I cannot seem to isolate the
sequence of ifup/ifdown's to achieve this. I crashed both machines with
a large flood ping after about 30 seconds once the link was up.


 Chris Johns, mailto:ccj@acm.org
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