GNIC II bus size (32 vs 64 bit) override, now in hamachi.c v0.10

Chris Worley
Mon Aug 23 13:21:55 1999

Donald Becker wrote:
> The Hamachi provides a register to report and override the PCI bus size
> detection.  The driver emits a message with the detected bus size and the
> (admittedly cryptic) value "Virtual Jumper".  Could you please report the
> values emitted both when the size detection works and when it fails?

The "VirtualJumper" status reports "x20" on both cold and warm boot
(which would indicate that the board doesn't think it's in a 64 bit
bus)!  The "MiscStatus" value is used to report 32 or 64 bit busses, and
it's the one that's changing between cold/warm boot!!!

> To provide an immediate fix I've updated the driver to take a new module
> paramter named "force32".

This almost worked!  I moved the "force32" code before the detection
printk to assure that "MiscStatus" was now reporting a 32 bit bus --
that worked (even though: now "VirtualJumper" was reporting "x21").

But, the driver still did it's skput:over panic.

So,  On a hunch (being a hacker), I removed the line of code immediately
after the diagnostic printk that resets the chip (with the comment "do
we really need to do this?").

It worked!  It warm and cold boots!

Now: should I have deleted that line, or rewritten "force32" (a "1") to
"VirtualJumper" after the reset?


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