Hamachi and FreeBSD drivers

Nicholas Towers ncet@doc.ic.ac.uk
Tue Aug 18 10:33:09 1998

We are hoping to implement a gigabit ethernet based solution for our
servers using packet engines GNIC-II cards, on machines running
FreeBSD. While waiting for the cards to arrive over here, we have
been testing GNIC (yellowfin) cards under FreeBSD and Linux. They
have worked faultlessly, once negotiation problems with switches
were solved. Is the Linux Hamachi driver being ported to FreeBSD?
If not, I'll have a go but I'm not an expert :)

Also, the linux and BSD drivers seem to check that status bit
differently for the yellowfin (afraid I don't have line numbers from
here). Also, is the hardware checksumming likely to be implemented
soon?  Thanks for your help,

Nick Towers

Nick Towers: 3rd year Computing undergraduate at Imperial College
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Visit my stunningly out of date site http://www.babylon1.demon.co.uk/nick/
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