[vortex] WOL bugfix for 3c59x.c

Harry Coin hcoin at n4comm.com
Sun Jan 7 10:15:32 PST 2007


Advances to the pci_enable_wake kernel routine have broken the acpi_set_WOL 
routine in 3c59x.c.    In the acpi_set_WOL call, there is


The result from that call is not tested, but if it were it would show it 
now returns the fact that the vortex cannot accept WOL packets while in the 
current full power state (0).  It then returns but without enabling the PME 
bits in the config space.

If that is changed to

if (pci_enable_wake(VORTEX_PCI(vp),0,1)) 

Proper WOL function is restored.

P.S.  There is a problem also with the 'halt -f -i ...' in at least the 
Debian distro as well, due to some conflict with *bsd a 'fix' for that os 
got into the linux ifdown is stubbed out, it doesn't actually down the 
interface.  recompiling from the sysvinit source 'make halt' and copying 
that version to /sbin fixes the problem and brings WOL online.

Thank you

Harry Coin
N4 Communications

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