[vortex] Want to get 3c59x (for 3c905BTX) NAPI driver and patch for 2.4.18-14 (Redhat 8).

Amitava Biswas amita_bi at ece.concordia.ca
Thu Nov 4 19:01:52 PST 2004

Hi everybody,

1) I want to get hold of a NAPI driver for 3c905B TX card (3c59x series), where can I get it ? I have seen some discussion on this topic, but the site mentioned (orr.falooley.org...) has closed down, any alternative sources ? or anybody has it. I would also like to know their experiences and see test data/ comments etc.

2) Ralph Doncaster reported ( Mar 17 2003) that he was not happy with NAPI 3c59x driver, any similar observations / comments or followups ?

3) Is Redhat 8 Linux (kernel2.4.18-14 version) has NAPI, can anybody confirm ? if not what is the Redhat version that has ? RH 9 ?

4) If RH8 (2.4.18-14) dont have NAPI, can anybody direct me to a NAPI patch source for 2.4.18 kernel and any related documentation to apply that patch ?


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