[vortex] Re: 3COM VLAN VLT

Ruben van der Leij ruben@blacklisted.nl
Mon Apr 28 18:14:19 2003

+++ Jin [28/04/03 16:48 +0300]:

> In vortex-config I sow mac-control reporting, that VLT-VLAN is enabled, but 
> neighter in mii-control, nor in driver options I sow how to enable it.

Did you read the documentation and follow the steps outlined in it?

>Add some vlans; goto your vlan directory where you previously compiled 
>vconfig and type:
>vconfig add eth0 2
>! Little note about VLAN 1. In Cisco systems it is the default VLAN
>so you MUST start using vlans from 2.
>This will create device vlan0002 to your system. Linux will think, that it
>is just another network device, so you can configure it like any other. Also
>you should see the interface by typing
>ifconfig -a
>Lets make some conf on the vlan then:
>ifconfig -i vlan0002 broadcast netmask

If you did: what *does* ifconfig -a tell you?

Ruben van der Leij

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