[vortex] Regarding compliation of 3C59x in linux-2.5

Anup Pemmaiah pemmaiah@cc.usu.edu
Wed Apr 9 17:35:01 2003


      How are you? I have a RedHat 8.0 with linux-2.4.18. The 3c59x driver is 
working fine for my 3Com-3c905B card.

   The problem is in linux-2.5.I compiled and built a linux-2.5.66. During 
compilation I included 3c59x driver as the module. I have installed the new 
version of the module utilities. (depmod, insmod, lsmod, rmmod and modprobe). 
The 3c59x module gets installed when I say "insmod 3c59x.o". But it is not 
able to bring up the interface. "/sbin/ifup eth0" says "Determining IP 
information for eth0 ... failed". This 3c59x.o was built during kernel 

     When I compiled the 3c59x.c file as usual by "gcc -DMODULE -D__KERNEL__ 
-O6 -c 3c59x.c -I /usr/src/linux2.5.66/include" it gives an error regarding 
the presence od "irq_vectors.h" in asm/irq.h file. Then i learnt that this is 
because of machine specific. So i compiled as "gcc -DMODULE -D__KERNEL__ -O6 
-c 3c59x.c -I /usr/src/linux2.5.66/include -march=pentium2 -I 
/usr/src/linux-2.5.66/include/asm/mach-default". The file got compiled. But it 
gives "Error inserting 3c59x.o: -1 invalid module format".

   Should I take care of any specific information during kernel compilation. 
Also should I use any specific parameters in gcc during my compilation.
Any help will be greatly appreciated. I will be looking forward for your help.

Thank you,


Anup Pemmaiah