[vortex] 802.1q VLAN problem

SCHIMMEL Guillermo TECHTEL gschimmel@techtel.com.ar
Mon Apr 15 16:27:01 2002


	Before I start, I have to thank you for the great driver 3c59x.c.

	Itīs working great in all our servers.

	Recentrly we have started tests in order to develop a vlan based
network around the 3com vortex card.
	The problem is that the driver doesn't like the oversized 1504 bytes
packets that the 802.1q module gives to him.

	Are you aware of that problem? Do you intend to patch the driver?

	We have tried to do so following the instructions at some page,
which said that we should change the mtu from 1500 to 1504 in the driver
code. But this didn't worked.

	Can you please give me a hint?

	Thanks a lot.

Guillermo Schimmel