[vortex] About 3c59x Driver

Napanda. C. Pemmaiah pemmaiah@cc.usu.edu
Wed Apr 3 18:27:01 2002

Hello Everyone,
        I am N.C.Pemmaiah doing my masters in computer science at Utah state 
university. I am very interested in networking and system level programming. I 
have a "3c905 100BaseTX [Boomerang]" network interface card with me. The 
driver used for this card is "3c59x". To know more about drivers and its inner 
details I am writing a module for the above mentioned card. I am using the 
3c59x.c code as my main reference and using Red Hat 7.2 (kernel ver 2.4) as 
the platform. I want to write a simple module which does the basic work. I am 
in the initial stage of writing the code. Right now my module is able to get 
registered by telling to PCI which in turn calls my probe and detects the MAC 
address. All these I learnt by going into 3c59x.c source code.

       The ports allocated to the card is from dc80  to dce4 which is as shown 
in  /proc/ioports. The problem I am facing is I donít have detailed 
information about each of these ports.

For e.g.:- Before getting values into eeprom array in the probing function, an
 EL3WINDOW(0) is done, which writes "Selectwindow + 0" into "ioaddr + 0x0e" 
port. As far as I understood it writes 2048 into the above port. I was curious 
why this number is written. Down the code I find some other number written to 
the same above port. It will be really great and helpful if some one gives me 
a link which gives the detailed specifications of the above ports and also 
other aspects. Also important tips for writing the above module will be 
greatly appreciated. The referance book I am using for writing drivers is 
"Linux Device Drivers by Rubini and Corbet, O'REILLY". I am very grateful to 
Mr.Becker for making the code available.

      I will be eagerly waiting for the reply.

Thank you,

N.C.Pemmaiah (Anup)
620E, 700N, Apt# 2
Logan, UT-84321,USA.
email: pemmaiah@cc.usu.edu, anup_pemmaiah@yahoo.com
Ph: 435-512-0935(mob.), 435-752-5976 (Res.)