[vortex] 3Com Cardbus adapter need to be re-inserted before detection

Andrew Morton akpm@zip.com.au
Tue Nov 27 01:24:01 2001

Samuli Suonpaa wrote:
> When I presented the following question on the linux kernel
> mailing-list I was told to try at vortex@scyld.com. So I hope this is
> the right address. Pleace cc me, since I do not currently subscribe to
> this list.

This is kind of odd.  I'm almost wondering if there's a problem
with the hotplug scripts.

What you can do is to break the problem into little steps:

	echo foo > /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug

this will disable kernel hotplugging altogether.  Now you
can insert the NIC and nothing will happen (apart from the
cardbus layer recognising the insertion and enabling the

Next, you can run
	modprobe 3c59x debug=7
and see what happens.  Watch the logs.

Next, you can run
	ifup eth0
and continue to watch the logs.

This is basically all the hotplug scripts do - you're just doing
it by hand.  If you can identify which step is repeatably
failing, it'd be interesting to run vortex-diag and mii-diag
prior to the step which fails.