[vortex] MiniPCI NIC in Dell Latitude c810

Sean Roberts intrepid@cox-internet.com
Sat Nov 24 19:07:01 2001

sorry about that microsoft cluttered e-mail forced to use windows right now

I installed debian woody and loaded the 3c59x module and everything worked

I needed to update the kernel from a 2.2 kernel to a 2.4 (for geforce

Use the 2.4 version of the module and I have a problem.
Everything loads correctly.  ifconfig even see's something at eth0.
(and I did try it with 'alias eth0 3c59x' in the modules.conf file)

but no network connection.
same things happens when I directly load it in the kernel (not as a module)
and I get the same results.

please help (and loading straight in kernel is what I want to do, but I will
use whatever method works)