[vortex] 3c905B with debian 2.4.12 and driver LK1.1.16

Andrew Morton akpm@zip.com.au
Fri Nov 9 17:47:39 2001

Rainer Sigl wrote:
> Hi Sir,
> I have some trouble using a 3c905B Card with Debian 2.4.12 with your
> driver LK1.1.16. It seems as interrupt is hanging (but obviously can not)
> The message I get is
> eth0: transmit time out, tx_status 00 status e601
>    diagnostics: net 0cf2 media 8880 dma 00000003a
>    eth0: Interrupt posted but not deliverd -- IRQ blocked by another device?

Probably an interrupt routing problem, not caused by the
ethernet driver.

Please reboot, try to bring up the ethernet, then run
`dmesg > foo' and then send us `foo'.  Thanks.