[vortex] Speed and duplex not autosensing correctly

Jason Bradley Nance jnance@normaltownship.org
Thu, 29 Mar 2001 14:24:00 -0600

Hello everyone.
    I have 2 3C980's running in a Red Hat 6.2 box with kernel 2.2.18.  This
machine is doing IP Masquerading (among other things).  One of the
interfaces (eth1) is connected to our office network - a D-Link 16 port 10 /
100 auto sensing switch (the other to our DSL modem).  On boot, (before the
driver initializes) the card is running at 100 base full-duplex.  But as
soon as the driver initializes, it backs off to 10 base.  I tried passing
the kernel parameters to force the card into 100 base mode, but that didn't
work for me (assuming I did it right - in lilo.conf:
append="ether=0,0,0,eth0 ether=6,9,0,eth1" under my image directive).

So I have 2 questions:
1-    Why isn't this card autosensing correctly?  Is it possible that since
eth0 runs at 10 base (since it is connected to the DSL modem that runs at 10
base) that eth1 is doing the same?
2-    What can I do to fix it?



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