[vortex] WOL for 3C905C; 2.4.7

IvanK. chepati@yahoo.com
Tue, 7 Aug 2001 14:26:00 -0400

Hi all,

I read all the info I could find about enabling wol on Donald's page and on 
newsgroups, but I still can't get WOL to work when soft powered down from 
Linux.  If I boot into win95 and shut off the PC, it shuts down, but I see 
that the light for the hub port into which it's connected remains lit.  Then 
I can wake up the machine.

If I boot RedHat-7.1 with a custom built 2.4.7 (from kernel.org), and pass no 
module options to 3c59x.o and soft power down the machine, the hub light goes 
off and waking up doesn't work.  I then loaded the module as: insmod 3c59x 
enable_wol=1 and this time when I power down the pc, I see the hub light 
remains on, but waking doesn't work.

I'm guessing I must configure my kernel in some special way to get it to 
work.  Am I supposed to build in ACPI, APM?  Anything particular to wol?

Thanks, your help is greatly appreciated.


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