3c905B-TX Goes To Sleep

Kevin Ford kevin.ford@natpower.com
Tue Mar 28 02:47:20 2000

A cron ping every 30 minutes from the box to a good address is my only
solution at the moment.

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> Subject:	3c905B-TX Goes To Sleep
> Vortex Folk,
> I have a machine that displays the "going to sleep" behavior a couple of
> people have reported with 3c905B and 3c900 cards.
> That is, the interface comes up and works correctly, but when the server
> is idle for 15 minutes or so, the machine ceases to respond to incoming
> connection requests.  A ping from the server machine to any other network
> address brings the interface "back up".
> Has anyone successfully resolved a similar sounding problem?  Did the
> original posters get any help?  
> Thanks very much, 
> Matt Benjamin
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