Netgear GA620 Gigabit Ethernet Card Available $249 (SC Fiber)

Donald Becker
Wed Mar 22 21:04:22 2000

Ohhhh, this is so off-topic.

On Wed, 22 Mar 2000, devdrvr wrote:

> I have an extra gigabit Ethernet (Netgear GA620) fiber optic network card 
> available.  512K of on-board SRAM.

[[ Advertising deleted. ]]
> for auction details.  I wrote a driver for this card and worked on the
> firmware.  I'm asking $249 for it on ; as you know these are
> selling usually for quite a bit more than this.

Under $300 when introduced a year ago.  Reportedly $235 wholesale now.

>  I did the MacOS driver...

Very curious: driver writers almost never sell their hardware.
After spending weeks or months to write a driver, a few dollars isn't really
that tempting for the hardware.

At most I'll loan some of my cards to nearby friends, with the understanding
that they must use it on an active network and be willing to provide it for
further testing.

Donald Becker
Scyld Computing Corporation,

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