3c905B (your old post re 20 minute timeout)

Brandon L Black brandon.black@wcom.com
Mon Feb 14 06:59:13 2000


Just going through the 3c59x driver mailing list archives... I noticed
another unrelated thing when you described your setup.... if the 3c905
Linux box and a router are the only two machines on the segment, you can
throw out the hub and connect them directly.  Look around on the net and
you'll find a FAQ or some such that tell you how to wire a crossover
cable to directly connect two ethernet hosts w/o a hub (I'd tell you
myself, but I'm not sure I remember correctly which pins to corss with

This eliminates a peice of equipment, and just generally simplifies


[snip of old message for reference]

I have a PC running the RedHat 6.0 distribution and using a 3Com
3C905B-TX 10/100 NIC. Details about the PC's configuration are included

The Linux box and a router are the only two hosts on their LAN segment.
This segment is implemented using a Netgear DS104 10/100 hub.

Because the router and the Linux box are the only two hosts on the
segment, and because the Linux box uses the network infrequently, there
are long periods of network inactivity on the segment. After about 20
minutes of network inactivity, the link light goes out on the port of
the hub that is connected to the NIC card of the Linux PC. I've tried
moving the connection to different ports on the 10/100 hub and the
problem moves with the connection.


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