forcing 3com 10/100 cards to 10Mbps

Jason Zwolak
Sun Sep 19 13:17:45 1999

Donald Becker wrote:
> It took me over 30 minutes of testing to figure out what went wrong here.
> The correct media type is '10baseT', not '10BaseT'.
> Because the string didn't match exactly the 'mii-diag' program interpreted
> the to-advertise value as the number "0x10ba" rather than the translated
> 0x0060.
> Try '-A 10baseT'.  I will add code to avoid this in the future.

Doh!  That is something (case sensitivity and spelling
errors) I normally check when I'm having problems, too.

Well, everything works now.  Thanks again for your help.
May the Source be with you,
Jason Zwolak 
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