[RFC] 3c59x problem for 3 ethernet cards

Stipe Tolj tolj@pwi.de
Tue Sep 14 03:27:59 1999


I'm having problems setting up a 19" machine for SuSE Linux 6.2 (German)
as our corporate gateway/firewall. It's a P3-450 with 256 MB RAM on a
latest ASUS board and latest Adaptec SCSI-U2W controller. The controller
is supported by Linux. We are using 3 Vortex PCI 3Com fast-ethernet
cards. 2 of them are pointing to a private internal network
192.168.121.x and 192.168.123.x and one is for the DMZ running on 10

The problem is that I can only get two of the three cards going and it
doesn't matter which one I switch or which settings I use while
insmoding the 3c59x module. I even tried to replace one card against a
SMC or D-Link fast-ethernet card. Again, two cards work and one goes

I simply can't figure out what the problem is. I changed all cards to
PCI slots so that they have their own IRQ and don't have to share it
with the SCSI or Serial bus controller.

The funny about this is that we have the same setup running already on a
standard P2-300 machine using 3 3Com cards.

Any help would be highly welcome.

Best regards,

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