FW: gcc installation

sjha@omnipoint.com sjha@omnipoint.com
Tue Jul 6 11:38:26 1999

Hi Piotr,

Do you mean , I have to install older version of  'gcc' or 'egcs' on Linux
machine ? What is 'egcs' BTW ?


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  Hi !!
> I am trying to install gcc 2.8.1 on kernel 2.2.9 Redhat6.0, Intel Pentium.
> in 'gcc' directory ./configure gives following error.
> "gcc: no
> cc : no
> Error : no acceptable cc found in $PATH "
> DO you have any idea, what may be the cause ??

  Do you have installed any previous version of gcc? If you try
  to install new gcc by compiling it, you should have at least 
  older version of "gcc" or install the actual "egcs" version
  from RedHat 6.0.

    Piotr Kasprzyk