eth0: Transmit error, Tx status register 90
Sat Jan 2 03:25:31 1999

In article <> you write:
>I consistently can generate this error (and a 1 or 2 minute freeze in
>my network connection) by running 'bonnie' (the disk IO benchmark) on a
>network volume.  My machine is running 2.0.35, with the 0.99H driver, and
>the card is detected as '3Com 3c595 Vortex' which is correct. The NFS
>server is Linux 2.1.131 running the knfsd, with a eepro100 card.
>The value in the status register field varies a bit, other values are: c0,
>Any suggestions?

I think I have the same problem.  Mine is a P6-200 512MB news server,
one of the major news hubs in Korea.  It has 3c595 Vortex.
Until a week ago, the kernel was 2.0.31pre1, with 3c59x.c v0.31.
No problem on the server.

However, after I have upgraded the kernel to 2.0.36, the server
died within 6 hours.  Four times repeatedly.  I had to switch back
to the older kernel.

I suspect the new driver(0.99H) does not like the busy network
activities over 3c595 Vortex.