3Com 905C

Al Goldstein al@cool.bioeng.washington.edu
Fri Aug 27 16:56:08 1999

On Thu, 26 Aug 1999, Simon Epsteyn wrote:
Hi Simonn,

If you have the source look in /usr/src/linux/drivers/net; it will be
listed. I have it in 2.3.13. I guess it is 2.2.9 and other 2.2's
2.2.9 was an ok kernel as I remember. 2.3.15 is now out.
For 2.2 kernels probably 5.2 needs updating. look in ....linux/Doc*/changes
Another possibiliy: get a later linux dist or freebsd3.2.


> Hello, I am not on this list so please cc: me directly.
> I have a 3c905C "Tornado" Card in ten new machines that I am trying to
> install (modified) Red Hat 5.2 on.  Our Red Hat 5.2 includes kernel 2.0.36
> (instead of the original 2.0.35), but my main questions is, when was the
> support for 905C added to the driver? Did it make it into 2.0.36 or do I
> need to grab the latest source and make new modules, because neither
> autodetect nor specifiyng params does work during install...
> Thanks...
> /Simon
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