3CCFE575BT PC Card

Lawrence MacIntyre lpz@ornl.gov
Wed Sep 30 17:26:09 1998


We ordered two of the older cards from PC Mall and they sent us two
Linksys cards (they use a clone of the Tulip chip, and I get 85
Mbits/sec or 3.5 Mbits/sec, depending on whether I'm sending or
receiving, using the latest tulip driver, v0.89K).  Good luck finding
some of the older cards.  If you do, let me know where you got them!

Stephen J. Gowdy wrote:
> Hi,
>    I was wondering it if it likely that this above card will work soon,
> I'm contemplating trying to buy the older version as I know it works (the
> 3C575TX). I use pcmcia-3.0.5 and have tried 3c59x.c V0.99G. I would be
> willing to test this if this driver if you don't have access to a card. I
> don't know enough about this to try and fix it myself, sorry.
>                                                         regards,
>                                                         Stephen.
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