spams from your mail-gate

Donald Becker
Tue Sep 8 00:32:00 1998

On Mon, 7 Sep 1998, Andreas J. Bathe wrote:

> today I got the spam attached to my email from your email-list
> I know that somebody
> used this list without privileges. Could you help to stop that
> spammer?

Yes, this spammer hit all of my mailing lists.  They timed it to occur
over the holiday and have hidden most traces of their address.

There is no effective technical means to prevent such misuse of the list.

However there is a substantial fee for unrelated advertising use of the
lists (see the current "welcome" message on many of the lists), and one of
the terms is provide a billing address prior to or with the list usage.
Thus this use of the lists is theft of service and/or fraud.

Donald Becker
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