Current status on 3c905B?

Mon Jul 27 08:29:32 1998

Hello Everybody,

I just got a 3c905B for my Linux box. Cool card, much faster than my old
ne2000 isa. 

I got the ff:ff:etc problem.. I read the mailinglist archives and
everything i could find on the homepage.

My setup is an ASUS P2L97-S Mainboard (ATX) and RedHat 5.1 and Windows95

I only have the problem when i reboot from Win95 to RedHat.
I used the power-up code found in one of the mailinglist archives and it
works fine, save the fact that i need to reboot the machine after powering
up de card. It seems that the card loses it's IRQ and IO addresses when it
is powered-up..

Is there a solution for this?

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