3c905TX problem

Jere C. Julian julianje@iname.com
Fri Jul 10 08:58:53 1998

Brian Almeida wrote:

> We are trying to get a 3Com 3c905TX card working on a Linux box (Slackware
> 3.3, Kernel 2.0.34).  The card is detected fine, however, it is unable
> to ping or be pinged.  Network settings are correct.  This card worked
> fine in NT Server 4.0 (what the customer had on it before).  Any suggestions?
> I've downloaded the updated 3c59x.c file, to no avail. I can send output
> from the vortex-diag program. Please cc me on replies as I am not subscribed
> to this list. Thanks.

What 3c905 card are you using?  The sc905B-tx isn't worth the trouble in ANY
operating system.  The Revision A cards work fine but we'll need a little bit
more information.

Please send the output of this command  "vortex-diag -aa" and how you are loading
the card (module or compiled into the kernel.

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