RedHat-5.2 and 3c59x driver problems

Forrest Aldrich
Mon Dec 7 12:59:12 1998

I've run into a big problem with this driver on RedHat-5.2.  I've installed
and tested the latest code and the problem persists.

I have the Vortex and Boomerang cards and my system obtains its ip
via dhcp.  I noticed a delay in the dhcp acquisition process... however
if I place a secondary NIC in the machine, it fails completely.  I've tried
this with a combination of Vortex, Boomerang, and a 3c595 card, and
in all instances the same problem occurs.

The machine is an HP Vectra PentiumPro 200mhz with ~92meg RAM and
plenty of hard disk space.  It also has a Buslogice UW controller (I forget
the numeric designation BT-958?) and whatever IDE the motherboard has.

The NICs are good, and were working just fine with FreeBSD-3.0-CURRENT
which I had installed.  I pulled the cards out and booted my Windoze machine
and didn't have any problems.

I presume someone else must have noticed this problem by now?