[vortex-bug] Ancient bread recipe actually helps you lose weight!

Kevin Sears kevinsears12@hotmail.com
Fri Jun 14 11:45:00 2002

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<title>Hunza Bread</title>

<CENTER>Hunza Bread</CENTER></H2>
<P>Home made Hunza Bread is a simple, delicious and nutritious bread that is easily prepared in just 5 minutes  using a few ingredients that have 
always been universally available. The taste of this bread is wonderful.
<P>HUNZA BREAD Miraculously Stops Your Appetite And Hunger and is based on a 2000 year old recipe
<P>The Hunzas are considered to be the healthiest people on earth. This bread is the main part of their diet.
<P><A href="">CLICK HERE</A> to learn more about these  astounding people and their delicious, 
nutritious and easy to prepare home made health bread that suppresses  your appetite. </P><p><br>