[vortex-bug] transmit timed out, tx_status 00 status e000

Gerhard Hintermayer g.hintermayer@inode.at
Tue Jun 4 01:55:01 2002

Donald Becker wrote:
> [..]
> I don't consider messages reporting errors to be a bug.  It's only a bug
> if the driver fails to continue operation when it could safely do so.

Actually the server machine did not come back onto the net after the NIC 
  reset, I had to unload/reload the module to get the NIC working again 
(which was also the case with the 3C905B Cyclone), which is a bad thing 
if you should provide at least 24*6.5 availability. But I should provide 
you with more details (machine config/log file) for that.
If the NIC does not recover for the error, it should definitely be 
considered as a bug. It seems that increasing the timeout value to a 
(hopefully) never reached limit is better than getting the timeout 
message, which puts the driver into a state, from which it cannotresume 
normal operation.

I also had in mind, that this could be a network problem, there are 
quite long global broadcasts (about 3 times/minute 2-8 secs each) where 
all novell servers in a global network say "I'm here, you can contact 
me". I don't need this information, since I'm in a "linux only" 
environment. Maybe I should contact the IT-Department for that issue.

Gerhard Hintermayer