[vortex-bug] 3c575 PCMCIA card + samba causes to RX errors

Dima khalatov@yahoo.com
Sun, 14 Jan 2001 13:48:23 +0200

I have Mandrake Linux v. 7.2. (kernel 2.2.17) installed on IBM ThinkPad 600x
computer with3COM 3CXFE575BT 10/100 MBit card. Everything is perfect, but
when I am trying to mountremote SMBFS disks using mount -t smbfs (I have
samba-client v .2.0.7) and copy files from them, ifconfig shows a lot of RX
errors (doesn't matter if I am connecting to Samba or Win2K server). I tried
to upgrade to 2.4.0-release kernel with 3c575_cb driver merged to 3c59x, but
the problem still exists. I have the same
version of Linux running in the same network (100 MBit, full-duplex,
switched) on desktop computers
equipped with eepro100 cards - they doesn't have any RX errors.


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