[vortex-bug] 3c905CX-TXM Sucess

Joe Rouvier joe@netli.com
Sat, 06 Jan 2001 23:02:47 -0800

The driver at http://www.uow.edu.au/~andrewm/linux/3c59x.c-2.2.19pre2.gz
worked great on my 3c905CX.  I ran a little loop:

while (1)
        insmod ./3c59x-pre19.o
        ifconfig eth0 netmask
        ping -c 1 > /dev/null
        set excode=$?
        if ($excode != 0) then
                echo `/bin/date` Ping error
        ifconfig eth0 down
        rmmod 3c59x-pre19
        echo -n .

and ran it for 327 loops.  During those loops command 0x2800 took 30340
min, 30743 average, 31080 max usecs!

The machine is a Dell 4100 P-III 866